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XP and OSX Dual Boot Problems


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Hello guys, I've been using OSX for about five months, as the only OS of my desktop computer. But I wanted to use Windows too, so I thought that it will be nice to install both systems on my hardware. Right now I'm using an Intel D945GCCR motherboard, with CPU C2D E4300, which works flawslessly on Jas 10.4.9 as the only OS. The hard drive is a WD 160GB SATA, and the DVDRW is an LG, connected on the the primary IDE.

The steps I followed are these:

Format HD

Install Windows XP on an NTFS partition, about 10GB

After XP installed, created a primary partition with 20GB

Then install JaS DVD on the second partition

Installation is perfect

After reboot, I get the menu pressing F8. If I choose XP, it boots ok, but if i choose OSX, I get the "still waiting for boot device".


I just wanted to know how to solve that problem, any help will greatly appreciated!


PS: I read the forums, used the search function too, but I didn't help a lot :hysterical:

PS2: I wanted to upgrade to the Kalyway Leopard, that's why I posted this topic on this section ;)

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