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Need help with iATKOS


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Hello after some long hours of installing i managed to complete the iatkos installion both the original and the revision 2. The trouble im currently having is with VMware 1.1 and i am also having trouble with getting the os to accept my ethernet. Finally i am having trouble with my external HDD they are connect by USB though a PCI card. I do not know why but they do not respond in mac and no signs that they are active in the OS.


The problem for vmware is i am able to install it successfully with no faults. When i try setting up a virtual machine and run it it gives me 2 messages one that do not understand and the next one is "failed to connect to peer" i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no solution at the moment.


The next problem is my ethernet adapter is Marvell Yukon 88E8056 is there any solution to get leopard to recognise the adapter so i can connect to the internet?


Final problem: connection between external HDD by USB via PCI card. the externals are MAXTOR 3200 format NTFS (i have installed some mac ntfs read/write application but they don't seem to work currently.


If anyone is able to help me in anyway of these above problems it would would be great and save me heaps of time. Thanks people! :(

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