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  1. ximekon

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    The RME is not shown in system preferences either. However it works flawless on 10.6.8. I recommend to try a different PCI slot (I know this from Gigabyte boards, that the first PCI slot does not work, although I didn't found an explanation for this yet). all the best: and my recommendation: don't buy RME again. Imho they suck bigtime...
  2. ximekon

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    absolutely, man... RME is STILL selling that 9632 card - so this is not EOL cycle. This is artificially EOL for Apple users, only. As you say: they actively had to remove code to drop support and that really looks like a b/s ripoff to force us to buy newer hardware. RME could simply release the source code of that 1.7x driver but hell I guess they are not going to. And hell yes: I am not going to buy RME anymore. Once I am pissed of a company there is no 2nd chance. If you decide to temper with the current driver, just let us know, I suppose there are some ppl (like me) willing to test. greeeetz, x! p.s. I don't care if the driver is 32 or 64bit. My two UAD-1 cards will still require that 32bit kernel, anyway. 32bit is much more compatible and since most of the processes are run in 64bit, I really don't care if the kernel and the kexts are 32 or 64bit. I suppose I wouldn't even recognize the difference as long as I am not on solid state...
  3. ximekon

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    well, RME turns out to have a solid understanding of what their customers are interested in. http://www.rme-audio.de/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=60891 Closing and thus effectively censoring topics is a a really sustainable ancient german marketing approach, I am gonna get an Apogee now...
  4. ximekon

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    why? Many of the major music software companies said Lion ain't compatible to their software at the moment. Do you really wanna be Apple's betatester? Lion is a beta at best atm. I would consider waiting at least 6 mths. My recommendation is: wait 12mths. It seems they didn't even yet fix their Firewire issues, that they are aware of since 2006. Ableton, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Avid, M-Audio: all of them said, you'd better not update now. And you know what: I defo won't. Never change a running system... I can live quite good with Snow Leopard. Many of these so called new features (like fullscreen, pfffft...) can be used in Snow Leopard just by installing tiny plugins... According to this: http://www.rme-audio.de/forum/viewtopic.php?id=11350 RME drivers seem not to be Lion compatible either. So I suppose I can use SL for the next two years, but then Ableton, Native and all the others cease software support, so updating is req'd at a certain time and then I'd prefer to keep on using my RME rather than being peeved b/c of no available drivers and thus throwing it out of the window...
  5. ximekon

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    Aside from the aesthetical perspective on your process manager, I would not overestimate the boost you would get from switching your kernel from 32bit to 64bit. Although the kernel runs in 32bit many of the tasks are run in 64bit already now. As you know the mach-o kernel even supports generically more than 4GB main memory and runs aswell 32bit and 64bit tasks. I am also running my kernel in 32bit for having the UAD-1 PCI cards running and for allowing my old school nVidia 7600 GT to run with 2x24" rather than only one. I'd rather get more RAM and a faster CPU. greeeetz, x!
  6. pci slot 1 is not recognized for no reason. tried to renumber pciroot, but slot 1 is not recognized no matter if pciroot is 1 or 0... running in pci slot 2 or 3 works without issues :-/
  7. thanks for all your comments on Gigabyte DSDT's. It really helped many ppl. Kd rgds, x!

  8. got the same issue here. thought I'd be easier, but well no. UAD 1 PCI is not getting detected on my Gigabyte EP35DS3... well dive deeper in it and let you know, if I can find anything...
  9. ximekon


    dude, thanx a lot. gonna put it on my dev/test rig NOW :-) x! <REPLY EDIT> <TIME>3 minutes later</TIME> <COMMENT>tested and working on leopard 10.5.8 as expected, BUT tested only with dvd-rw drive attached. no raid or other testing here.</COMMENT> </REPLY EDIT>
  10. ximekon


    I like it alot. Nice work. Can you estimate how much work would be required to make it Leopard 10.5 compatible aswell? merry chrismas 2009, x! // search terms: SiL 3112, SiL3112, Silicon Image, PCI, SATA, Controller, Delock, 70096
  11. ximekon

    Silicon Image 3112 SATA card?

    - not compatible with LEOPARD 10.5 - I did not test with Snow Leopard 10.6
  12. ximekon

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    USBChamBoot v0.91 for Gigabyte EP35-DS3 rev2.1 (BIOS F2 only!) Zero mod installation Status Sadly the Preboot thing does not work with CD's at this moment. As far as I got it: the main problem seems to be "cdboot". The currently available "cdboot"s seem to have issues finding Kernels, and/or custom DSDT when booting from CD, thus preventing retail DVDs from booting. This also means we cannot use EPIC for creating our Boot CD's at the moment (the concept is nice, but well, sorry dude) because it requires "cdboot". What we can do: boot from harddisk using a prepared USB boot image. Here we go. Requirements Snow Leopard Retail DVD USB Stick (at least 128MB) 2 blank partition (1x7GB for the Snow Leopard installation, and 1x at least 15GB to install to) Gigabyte EP35-DS3 with BIOS firmware F2 (get here and flash before) nVidia Graphics (tested with GeForce 7600GT), might also do with ATI but that has not been tested, feedback is welcome A glas of Balvenie Features 32bit only at the moment Triaxis' SleepEnabler.kext (sleep works flawless, deep-sleep not tested yet) Netkas' Natit.kext for Snow Leo (dual heading sleep works!) Netkas' fakesmc.kext for Snow Leo Tmongkol's legacy sound for ALC889a/ALC885 (and yes: it works!) Psystar's OpenHaltRestart.kext Chameleon 2.0 r432 Netkas PC EFI 10.1 Short How To Flash BIOS to version F2 enable AHCI in BIOS restore the legally bought (sic!) retail DVD to a partition, a USB stick or whatever, but not to a DVD!! restore USBChamBoot image to a USBStick Boot from USBChamBoot stick (hit F12 during initialization of your motherboard, and choose harddisk, and choose your USB Stick) Issues 32bit only at the moment (will boot into 32bit automatically) don't install additional fonts or languages - additionspeechvoices.pkg might give errors during installation Features of the EP35-DS3 rev2.1 ALC889a for Audio SATA Raid ICH9 P35 chipset Realtec Gigabit LAN Using with other Gigabyte motherboards find a list of other gigabyte boards here (click here), that might match the EP35-DS3 hardware specs. my dmg image could in some cases only need a different DSDT.aml file (just replace it in the dmg file). BIOS to DSDT.aml extraction can easily be done using Koalala's tool, would then only need the common fixes (2xlength "4" to "2", and "AZAL" to "HDEF", and HDEF 889a integration) on a first view the EP35-DS3R (see here) might even be having the exact same BIOS, but as this has not been tested, feedback is welcome Download (8MB) here: http://rapidshare.com/files/274454265/USBC...a_v0.91.dmg.zip (boot screen resolution fixed, Audio ALC889a for Mac Pro fixed) Download (8MB) here: http://rapidshare.com/files/274443260/USBC...rd_v0.8.dmg.zip
  13. ximekon

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    I'd recommend creating a clean DSDT from the BIOS. My suggestion: - Download BIOS - Flash BIOS (yes: do it again, no matter if it the BIOS revision you are currently running, I would do it anyway. Since I am a dev myself and I can tell lots of funny things with version numbers, you'd better not ask) - use Koalala's DSDT Patcher (latest version should do) to extract DSDT from BIOS image - patch DSDT.dsl with Koalala's patcher (some weird errors will occur, be prepped for a renaming chaos, since there is severe string-handling bug in Koalala's DSDT patcher) - or (my recom): do it manually following the suggestions by that guy's tutorial here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181903 (yes this is a different board, but the strategy to patch the dsdt he describes in his guide is applicable to any board) - convert file from dos to unix (use ulraedit or anything) - compile with iasl on mac's terminal "iasl dsdt.dsl" - the most important thing to fix is the length bug in the dsdt's, otherwise your BIOS will be reset because of an annoying CMOS checksum error. Search for BlackOSX excellent guide, his guide also holds valuable information! kudos if you experience issues that you cannot solve using google just ask.
  14. Standing work, dude. This tut looks nice. Anyway one thing: according to this site: http://www.incomplete-news.com/?p=2512 the EP45-UD3L uses the ALC888 chipset. Yours the UD3R has ALC889a chipset. I strongly encourage you to mention that somewhere in the beginning of your tut. Moreover: does sound from your solution come out of the GREEN JACK or from the BLACK JACK? Kudos
  15. ximekon

    ALC889A with DSDT.aml

    right that's what I would be trying aswell. I am very keen on your results... for more information about the acpi /dsdt thing go here: http://www.acpi.info/spec.htm