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Making iATKOS or Kalyway run on an ASUS P5B-Deluxe


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I received a PM about this and I know others are grappling with this, so I'm going to document my experiences and lessons learned.


(1) Read the iATKOS FAQ/README. There are several BIOS settings that need to made to get iATKOS to install properly. Additionally, the FAQ/README also indicate that your installation MUST be on an MBR partition. If you want to use GUID, then go Kalyway. The critical BIOS settings are IDE=ACHI (not RAID or IDE) and "Execute Disable Bit" to "Enabled".


(2) I have found iATKOS and Kalyway to be sensitive to the BIOS version. Neither OS would install using the latest BIOS (1226). Reverting back to 1101 allowed both to install successfully.


How do you revert the BIOS back? It's a pain in the arse, but here we go... First, you MUST do this with the DOS BIOS utility AUFDOS. Second, you must use an old version of AUFDOS because the more recent releases will not allow backward revisions of the BIOS. You can get it from the ASUS FTP site. If memory serves, version 211 works fine.


Now you need to boot into DOS and use the BIOS utility. Your choices here are booting onto a floppy disk, USB thumb drive, or a bootable DOS-CDROM.


That should do the trick.

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