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Kernel Panic & desktop freezes


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Specs and refer to my signature,


i have a bootable sata drive with three partitions,

--- 100G ---- Leopard --------- hfs+ with boot fix

---- 20G ---- Leopard20G ----- hfs +

-----130G --- DATA ------------ fat32


Leopard is my primary system, whereas the Loepard20G is for testing.

i got everything everthing settle down flawlessly in the Leopard20G, with:

- mach_toh 9.1.0 kernel

- enable qe/ci with 0.1.9 installer


then, i clone the partition to the Leopard, theoretically,

it's exactly the same. then, i did a boot fix to my Leopard, (can't bless due to issues of sata)

but not matters, i boot it from windows' bootloader.

and here are the problems,

my system can't boot properly anymore, sometimes:

* i got kernel panic with different backtrace dependencies such as

- ioatafamily .. storage ...

* i can get into the desktop, but my sys freezes after a while.


afterall, i have tried all kinds of kernel, the previous one or the new one,

touch the extensions folder, chmod 644 the kernel again and boot with -v -f -legacy.


so, any ideas on this strange problems??


i planned to write a new guide on 680i after fixing this problem,

but before that, i might not mood to this do so..


thanks even you just read it without leaving solutions :blink:

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