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Win32 Delphi Developer > MAC, where to begin

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I have a few apps for Windows written in Delphi (7) and would like to port them to the MAC. Last month I took my first step (well, not counting various tries with hackintosh versions) by getting a macbook (2.2ghz, 2gb, 10.5) but since then I still havent figured out what to do and how to begin.


I have xcode and stuff installed, but,

-coming from Delphi7, the IDE is just confusing and messy with the seperate apps and all

-language-wise, I never learned c, c++ or objective c, so it's a bit hard to get something accomplished.


I installed Eclipse, mainly since there is a lot of docs online for it, as well as it's core language, Java. However, I dont think Java should be my choice of language.


I installed Fink and MacPorts so that I could use FreePascal and it's GUI IDE, Lazarus, however, I cant seem to get the OSX gui (cocoa/carbon) to work with it because I have leopard.


I know I will have to learn a new language to program in )I only know Delphi/ObjectPascal), as well as a new IDE, and would like to know what is out there and what would work ok for me.


What I desire,


An IDE that resembles Delphi. Drag a button onto a form, double-click on the button to add the code for the button to it.

A Language that works on both Win32 as well as OSX.

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I was hoping for at least some responses, but ah well.


Anyway, for the 53 people who were interested in this post, I stumbled upon REALbasic (www.realbasic.com)


It's a delphi-like IDE, and runs on linux, osx and windows, and each os-version works the same, looks the same and can compile apps for all the platforms supported, native.




install the OSX build on a MacBook as I have now (leopard) and I can write one app in one programming language (realbasic) and I can compile it on my macbook for OSX, Win32 AND Linux without modification.


the apps use the gui stuff of the os it runs on, so the look and feel of the app will be of the OS it runs on.

the langiage is different, but simple enough for delphi-users as well as vb developers as well.

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Well, its allot of time gone since you asked...


...but I recommend to take a look at "Lazarus". That's an platform independant open source IDE (modelled after Delphi) for the FreePascal compiler. It even supports standard Delphy source code (as long there are no propietary dependencies) and the VCL !!! Different GUI toolkit bindings included.


That's the way to go for a Windows->Borland products->developer. Because there is of course a Mac (IA86) package available (weekly snapshots). But there are some quirks and quarks (as always or often with such open source projects)...

Especially the MacOS Carbon implementation is not ready yet but works in large parts already.


So you may try it and drag and drop your components into your development project as usually *smile*


ps: I am coming from windooz development too. But I worked mainly with Visual Studio (Microzoft) and Borland C++ Builder for years, so I am much more familiar with the confusing XTools IDE *smile again*

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It doesn't get installed to your Applications folder. You must launch it via X11 or the Terminal. You need to read the readme, or follow a guide posted on the internet for OS X. I think there is a quick run-through on the freepascal site actually...

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