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Mac video capture cards?

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I work for a web-video company that is making the move to all-mac environment. We broadcast a live daily video show to 3 different sources on the internet, each of which requires a separate feed coming into the machine. To do this we have 3 Viewcast Osprey cards in our PC.


Can anyone tell me what good equivalent capture cards are for the Mac? The Ospreys we use are the 210 and 230 models which are both in the $200-250 range. I've ordered a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card which seems to fit the bill. Ideally we'd use PCI-X cards as we have several G5 PowerMac's I'd rather use for this task than having to use PCI-e and using a new Mac Pro (or Hackintosh). I should note that using multiple external firewire devices (like Canopus DVC110, etc) does not work with the combination of software we are using.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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