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iAtkos Questions. What are nvinject and applesmbios.kext? Bootloaders?


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Hi. What's the purpose of nviject and the applesmbios.kext? What's the difference of the Natit driver from the NVinject? What's included in the additiona S-ATA Jmicron and ICh9r in this installer? Is there a way for this installer to detect 5.1 surround speakers (sound chip is alc883)?


In this installer, what're the difference between the Darwin OSx86 bootloader, the Darwin EFI emulation bootloader and the PC EFI (not in the iAtkos installer)? Can we now use the Software Update to update OSX's version (say when 10.5.2 comes out) and security update with this installer?


Should Speedstep be installed on an overclocked E4300 OSX86 computer? Any problems with CS3 or other applications? Will it be able to see other Window's computer on the network (through the router).


Thanks in advance.

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