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Dvd Burner Not Working Toast No Recorder Found


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Im running Aitkos v1.0i, install went pretty smoothly, ethernet - sound - video all work. Wireless no due to either wireless power button or problem with mpcie bus not fully powering on. Anyway, guys help me out if possible. My dvd drive burns just about every format you can think of but toast, upon attempting to burn reads no burner found. Profiler reads that it is a burner and all the formats but in parenthesis it says "Generic Drive or Driver". Anyone come across the same issue? I have a Compaq C500 - if that helps.


Would anyone have a utility that accompanies PC MACLAN call GSDIRECTOR? It basically directs print jobs from a mac on a spool folder, to ghostscript, and then on to the printer - automated with no configuration basically. Does anyone happen to have the application or know where to get it because i have looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooked and no luck. Will pay 10 bucks for it via paypal. Its shareware i do believe - it used to be a free download at Miramar but since CA Associates took over they have not made it available - they said its obsolete - my A_s !!!

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