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How to format with Gparted live cd? Creating partitions, labeling, etc..


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I would advice starting with an empty HD to install Leo on (or a drive w. data that you backed up at least).


What worked for me was the iAtkos release. It booted and installed o.k. but I got a blinking cursor when trying to boot Leo. As suggested on the iAtkos install DVD, I used then a GParted Live CD to set a boot flag:


-Download Gparted


-Burn ISO image


-Pop in CD


-Boot from GParted CD


-Takes 1-2 minutes to load into GUI


-Select your HD


-I think under the Info or Utilities menu, you can go into a submenu showing you the various flag for the selected HD/partition. Check the boot flag and 'write changes'. In my case the boot flag seemed already to have been set. I first undid the flag and then set it again so I was sure that GPated wrote the flag.


-Shut down PC


-Boot from Leo HD


Hope this helps.

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I installed leopard using iATkOS 1.0ir2 to a seperate HD than my Vista HD. That went ok, then I tried changing the bios to boot MAC HD first, but I got the blinking cursor problem. I downloaded and burned gparted live cd. I then changed the boot flag for MAC HD to checked was unchecked by default for me. However, I am still unable to boot from that drive I still get blinking cursor. Any Ideas?????

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There seem to be some other solutions aound the blinking cursor issue in this forum.


Also, you might try to locate the problem by

-Removing Vista HD

-Try install Tiger and see if that works on your PC

-If so, people advice to use Tiger to format/partition your spare drive on which to install Leo...

-Format/partition your Leo HD using GParted and then re-install (and not use Diskutilities in the Leo process)


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