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Ethernet Card doesn't work


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Hi all :)


I can boot on my Leopard and it works, but just in safe mode (-x option on boot)

Now, my ethernet card and audio card don't working (and problem with "about the mac" - reboot pc)


Specifications of my ethernet card :

Marvell® Alaska® 88E1111 PHY



Specifications of my audio card :

7.1 Hardware Sound Controller (VIA Envy24PT)


My pc is a shuttle SN25P :


Cg : 7600 GT 256Mo => ok with "7600GT.and.7600GS.Natit.Dual.Screen.pkg"


Thanks for your help and support :)

Nota : I'm a new user of Mac, it's the "first time" that I use a Mac



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No, i don't want change my ethernet card and I can't do it (too small PC).

If I've a shuttle, it's because it's small :)


I have 3 dongle USB Wifi :

- Thomson WLG-1500A (I've found a driver but just for intel processor, me I've an AMD proc)

- Peabird PEAB-WL-USB (no driver found)

- Zonet PANWL2203 (no driver found)


I'm not lucky



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Well, having looked everywhere on the forum and at our friend google, nothing found for my network ethernet card.

I abandon, because Mac without internet for me (e-mail, surfing, tests software, see not too much the interet).

However, I am the movement, notably the next version which would resolve my problems.

Now I am going to ask to my small son to model myself an apple in the form of moneybox.



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