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  1. MATX Motherboard

    Is there a good resource or does someone know a good motherboard I can use for setting up a new system. Both systems I have setup and going all used the old ICH7 series of motherboards and I am ready to upgrade to either an i5 or an i7 cpu. I would prefer not to buy a case use most of my existing hardware so that is why MATX is important
  2. what exactly does this mean....is this two separate lines you type in in the terminal...what is it supposed to do ... how do I know if it works.....what exactly does it do? yes I am dumb my guess is it is adding some data to the applehda file but not sure if I got it to work...I know I still have no sound....version of my board is 1.0 which should be the 888b
  3. I can't get sound to work either....starting to drive me nuts
  4. tried the 10.6.2 installer with no luck.
  5. 10.6.5 is out

    how is this for timing.....installed update....hard drive starts clicking now can't boot from it....damn....I have more HDD's but have to start from scratch
  6. 10.6.5 is out

    going to take the update from apple....hope my vanilla setup will work.
  7. 10.6.5 is out....I will try tonight....fingers crossed!!!!!
  8. the only issue I have now is sometimes when I wake from sleep the OS is unresponsive. I will get the spinning beach ball and can't do anything without powering it down and restarting.
  9. while I can see the 2 memory slots being an issue the 4 SATA aren't enough? How many hard drives do you need? I refuse to use a drive smaller than 1 Tb unless it is an SSD. I will be of no help on the other board as I do not have one and haven't expericienced the issue you are having. One solution could be to get a PCI wireless adapater instead of what you are using but that costs money. Personally I am already looking at i7 boards now and think I am going to make a move soon. I wonder how Much I could sell this damn thing for running Mac OSX
  10. CyberCap just to let you know I wanted to delete a kext file and didn't have a second mac. Boot from your installation disk....go to terminal /Volumes/XXXXX/Extra/Extensions rm -rf SleepEnabler.kext Replace the X's with the name of the Hard Drive you installed the OS to. All you have to do is type the first letter then hit tab...it should fill out the rest. I don't think you need the sleepenabler by the way. I did what Ridgeline just said and I am 100% up and running now.
  11. I used please sleep and had no luck......it restarts computer when I wake it up.....I go to sleep....press button on the keyboard and I boot from scratch
  12. if it is your second mac you could put the HDD in another mac and delete the sleepenabler.kext file from the extensions folder I got sound working finally....had to change to 32 bit mode and it worked fine. Now sleep is only problem....I disconnected my SATA DVD drive thinking that may be the problem....no luck.
  13. OK so I just set this up...updated to 10.6.4 on my rev 1.0 board. Sound is gone and I tried to patch the file. I am assuming I needed to do the appleHDA patch but still no sound.....actually it worked with the update it was the updates after the update. Not too worried about sleep but that's not working either.
  14. I kind of disagree with you guys. I have had mac hardware for years. A couple G3's and a couple G4's....once they went intel I have used nothing but clones. I love the mac hardware, don't get me wrong, but when I can buy a laptop from ebay for 260 slap in an SSD for 140 and some more ram for 50 bucks I feel like I walk away much better. I have a sub $500 notebook that does everything I do faster than what the current $1000 system does. I have had to deal with the sleep issue so far but the 4 second shutdowns and 30 seconds to boot make it somewhat of a moot point (PS I hate people that say mute point)