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Brazilmac boot ?


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Hi all


Ok I'm new at this but have read heaps. Having basic problems. System is gigabyte GA-P35-DSL3 mobo, intel e6750 cpu, sata hd and pioneer 115 dvdr.

Trying to get started but cannot boot from Brazilmac 10.5 dvd. Tried booting from 115 dvdr and also external usb dvd drive both give the same result.

starts to boot ie apple screen with whirling disk and thts it it just stays at that. Tried F8 -v and get a lot of info re [JMicronATA] then last message on screen is BSD root: disk0s3. major 14, minor 2.

OK something is not right does that message mean major and minor errors?, is the Brazilmac disk faulty?

Please can anyone shed some light on this




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