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Help installing Leopard 10.5.1(Kalyway)


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Okay, please help me.


I've downloaded the leatest Kalyway DVD image(10.5.1) and it doesn't work ;)


I'm booting from the DVD, the Apple logo appears, that thing spins around for about 5 minutes and then the PC turns off.


I'm attaching some screenshots about my configuration (CPU-Z).


Aslo, IDK why it says sometimes that my CPU it's only 1.2 GHZ, It's actually 2.2 GHZ Core 2 Duo (See first image)



So please help me!


Thank you!






Aslo, my XP installation it's modded(almost fully) into Mac Os X Leopard, that's why the Close, Maximize and Minimize buttons are on the left(not right)


Oh, and my graphics card it's an Nvidia Geforce EN8500 GT 512 MB PCI-E. It recognizes it as an VISA(or something like that) 14 MB. I don't basically care about the QE/CI because I just want to have Mac OS X without buying a real MAC. And if there's a patch for my graphics, please tell me where should I get it!


Thank you again!

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well ok I ran kallyway all installed no problems but I followed a guide which comments on making the partition active (http://home.socal.rr.com/neoncross/don/hackintosh.htm):


Make Partition active


cd /Volumes/


ls -l ( you should see the list of drives the installer has auto-mounted)




cd /usr/misc


./script.sh <YOUROSXINSTALL>


now I can do upto umount but when I do cd /usr/misc it says that the dir does not exist

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