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boot - ok ... but what can i do now


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hi peole,


i 've 2 seagate harddiscs ... 1 of them is empty except for the image.

when i boot this disc the apple booting screen appers ... but nothing more ...

i added 2 pics of the loading screen and one of the -v option ...

hope you can help me ... no idea what i should do


my pc: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz

1,5gb Ram

nvidia geforce 6800 gs/xt


and i'm working with this flat image [torrent link removed]


thx allready






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hey guys,

got mac working now ... my cpu doesn't support sse3, so i had to change the kernel.

but now i wanted to get my graphics work but when i add nvinject mac crashes and isn't fixable any more.

any one an idea what i could do to get my graphics work?

ma card is nvidia geforce 6800gs

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