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nForce 570 is really nForce 430! (P5NSLI owners unite!)

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I own an ASUS P5NSLI mobo. It is advertised as having a nForce 570 SLI Intel Edition chipset. However, cpu-z shows the north and south bridges being nForce 430!


I was on the phone with ASUS tier-2 tech support for about an hour. He said he had no idea why they would label it as being a 570, when it's just components from the 400 series put together. After consulting with his manager, however, he told me that that is what the 570 is: north and south bridges from the 430 series.




Check out the north and south bridges as listed on the above site. IF you google them, they show up as nForce4!


This is {censored}. I wonder why I've been having so much trouble trying to get things working in Leopard. Oh, maybe it's because the hardware is marked wrong? WOW!


The ASUS guy said his hands were tied.


So called nVidia corporate. I told the receptionist a short description of what was going on, to which she replied, "Yes, that doesn't seem right at all! You need to speak with ******, one moment." I got sent to someone's voicemail (I called later in the day, I assume he had already left). I left a message detailing what was up.


I'll keep updating this as new developments arise. Also, I did eventually get leopard installed with pretty much everything working; I'll post instructions for the P5NSLI in a bit.

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