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  1. Hey all, a quick rant/ask for help: Has ANYONE figured out how to tell expose in 10.6 to not be in a grid with every window the same size? The way it works now basically kills the whole reason for it's existence. It's in a grid... and every window is the same size... how am I supposed to tell windows apart? From the the crappy text at the bottom? Ridiculous. The old expose was the tool I used most on OS X, and now it's worthless to me. The most important part was the windows swooshing visually from where they were on screen reliably and keeping their relative sizes so you could use the visual clue to tell them apart. Now they all look like the same window, and wow... I feel like I'm on Windows again. Actually, speaking of Windows, it seems like whoever designed the newest version was a Windows user. I'm not saying this as a dis on Windows, but rather pointing out a specific difference in the paradigms of OS X and Windows. In Windows, windows are meant to be fullscreen, and covering up the whole screen (and preventing access to the other windows of the screen). That just how it was designed, and some people really like that. OS X, on the other hand is designed for windows to be layered, to be separate, and to be their own entities. When a Windows user gets on a Mac, one of the first things they try to do is to maximize the window. I know because I used to do it! But then I realized that it's just not as efficient for multi-tasking (this is an opinion, not meant to start a flame). However, if you have all the windows the same size on Leopard, let's say, then when you use Expose, you ended up with a useless grid. So if the person who designed the new Expose was a windows user, who always maximized everything, then of course they would think that Expose needed tweaking, as it was useless for that. I've seen on other forums hacks to remove the blue outline, but has anyone found a way to put the relative sizing back into it? It's ridiculous that a chat window should be the same size (or bigger!?) as a Firefox window.
  2. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    10.5.7 is a success! EDIT:: I didn't notice till now, but my power management is shot, in that the laptop thinks it's a desktop, without a battery (ie what it does by default). I'm attempting to fix it, and will post an update once I have. ALSO! Sleep is working a bit better now, I believe, since we don't need to use the HDAPatcher and such.... yay. I updated using System Update (not a separate download, the built in updater), and nearly everything was intact upon TWO reboots (this is typical, I'm just reminding people to be patient, and let the computer do its thing). The only thing that broke was Sound, which I have re-enabled using a new method (relative to what I was previously doing, not NEW in the sense that I discovered something), VoodooHDA! Just install it like normal, and output should be working fine. No input, but I'm pretty sure this is an issue with this version (it is beta, remember), and not our models. Aside from some minor issues, things seem to work great! I've posted a bug report for it here: VoodooHDA Forums. You can download VoodooHDA from here: VoodooHDA 0.2.2. If you currently have audio working, be sure to remove any other kexts, like HDAEnabler and ALCInject, as they could cause problems (according to what I've read). Also, I believe there was a graphics update in 10.5.7. I haven't noticed any changes yet, but I did not have any issues. SleepDisplayScript.app is still working well, and I didn't have to do ANYTHING to graphics. If you follow my previous posts, and have a similar setup to mine (DSDT, Chameleon, Disabler.kext, etc), things should go without a hitch. Good luck!
  3. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    My laptop, when it's really cookin' at maximum power, peaks at about 57 degrees. Normal stuff is around 40-45. I use Temperature Monitor. It's never felt as hot as my brother's Macbook Pro, which can get ridiculously hot.
  4. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    I HAD sleep working, occasionally. I can't remember exactly what killed it, but I'm sure I referenced it in an earlier post in this thread. However, even when it was working, it only worked about half the time, in that it would try to go to sleep, and then just wake right back up again. This is mostly caused by the audio stuff, and it's the same reason (I think) why many times there is a kernel panic at shutdown related to AppleHDA. Another thing that delays sleep greatly is the ethernet kext. It adds at least 10 -20 seconds to the sleeping... and mine just wakes right back up, as I said. One of these days, I might try to install from scratch, but since I use my laptop everyday for work, I don't really have time to reinstall everything.. especially since it works "well enough".
  5. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    I wouldn't call that a problem... just be happy everything else works! Do you have sleep working? There is a PS2 kext that you need. I don't remember exactly what it's called, but I'm pretty sure that I posted something about it in THIS THREAD a while ago (the same thing happened to me). If you search for posts by me regarding ps2, it should come up.
  6. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    Have they any solutions?
  7. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    Hey all, long time no post. My account was broken after the site upgrade, but now I'm finally able to login again. Yay. Anywho, I've been getting kernel panics, and I believe they were caused by using GenericCPUPowerManagement.kext. Superhai released a newer implementation, called VoodooPower.kext, which has kept my laptop cool and battery life long, and relatively panic free: http://superhai.com/darwin.html. In one of my earlier "recap" posts, I think I recommended the genericcpu, but now we should be using VoodooPower.kext if anything. I hope this helps someone! Oh, and as far as the dual monitor stuff goes... I have the intel chip, and I haven't had time to play with it. But I know that out of the box, it doesn't work very well (if at all).
  8. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    I've made at least a little progress. Previously, my machines were kernel panicking after 24hrs, like the first post said. Now, they panic about every 4 days. Luckily, my laptop is never on for that long, and my desktop I can force to reboot every few days. The key is that I was using Superhai's GenericCPUPowerManagement. When I replaced it with Superhai's newest power management kext, VoodooPower, my kernel panic frequency extended to 4.5ish days, which is where I am now. Until we discover the exact cause of what's going on here, I recommend everyone grab VoodoPower from Superhai. GenericCPUPowerManagement has been depricated. http://superhai.com/darwin.html Also.. sorry that I didn't reply for so long! I've had this solution for months, but once the new site updates were made, my account was literally broken. Password recovery just outright failed. Anywho, now I'm back!
  9. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    So, we know that it's related to garbage collection, and that it tries to garbage collect things marked as collectable, but then panics because of some unknown reason. I'm guessing that there's a memory leak somewhere... or that things aren't getting marked as collectable, and thus never get gc'ed. But I don't know anything about how any of this works... I think people are making progress here! I am excited! I have 6gb of ram. My laptop has 2gb. This is weird.
  10. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    Wouldn't the kernel panic say something about ethernet, or IOKit or PCI or SOMETHING, other than WindowServer, if it were the ethernet controller? And how does this explain my D630, which has a Broadcom Ethernet? I guess I'll try the PowerManagement... but on a laptop, that's kind of necessary for battery life.
  11. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    See my post about this above: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p;#entry1024615
  12. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    I HIGHLY doubt this is because of graphics. I have a Dell D630 laptop with the intel x3100, and it also panics in this same manner, just like my desktop. The only things in common between these two machines: dsdt patch, pc_efi9 / chameleon, and 10.5.6. Since I installed chameleon/v9 just before upgrading to 10.5.6, I cannot confirm if this is coming from 10.5.6 or EFI. Right now, I'm considering nuking my machine and starting over. Crashing seemingly at random is completely unacceptable, especially on a system that before was literally rock solid (I'm talking weeks of uptime).
  13. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    I tried using my original Natit with whichever gfx kexts were there, and my computer still crashes with zalloc. At this point, I'm thinking it has something to do with dsdt. My laptop has also been zalloc'ing, and the only thing that's simliar is that I did a dsdt patch using DSDT Patcher on both. I'm using chameleon / pc efi9. Can I just remove the dsdt.aml file to stop that from injecting?
  14. Kernel Panic after 24hrs every time

    I've removed my gfx efi strings, and am trying my old Natit again. So far so good, but it takes time for it to crash. The next thing I'm going to do, if this doesn't work, is to remove the dsdt.aml file from the root of my installation. That should remove the dsdt patch... From there, I may have to replace some kexts and such, but I'm not sure. I'll try it little by little. If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove the dsdt patch, they are appreciated!
  15. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    Yes, the ethernet kext causes the delay. What do you mean about the chameleon installer and kalyway? Could you be more specific... I can't tell if you're saying there is a problem, or asking if there would be. I was using 10.5.5 when I updated to 10.5.6, which ever build is stock. EDIT AND UPDATE: I tried the kexts posted up above in the X3100 thread, from Slashhack. While they did (possibly) make the sleep trick unnecessary, they also put Core Image back to software and Quartz Extreme to unsupported, IE no hardware acceleration... I'll take hardware acceleration any day vs no sleep trick.