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How can you make PCEFI boot_v8 look for drive "81" by default

Dan Druff

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The title says it all.


I have Grub installed on HDD 0 along with XP

Leo on a GUID partition scheme on HDD 2

Ubuntu on HDD 3


When using Grub the boot_v8 of PCEFI from Netkas will always look by default on the "80" disk, the first in the boot sequence (with Grub and XP in my case) and not in Master/Slave hierarchy. So, if I boot with Grub, I can't select automatically Leo by default, I must Manually insert the "81" parameter. Not dramatic but annoying.


Is there a way to get a boot_v8 file that will default to 81 or to let Grub pass parameters to boot_v8.



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in the pc_efi_v80 folder you will find a folder named pc_efi_6_Bootloaders

open it you will find a file named boot_grub_81

use tis file instead of boot_v5 or boot_v8

it will locate the second hard by default .

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Thanks, many thanks. It works perfectly. :blink:


But then, I wonder, why making other built of PCEFI boot file if the boot from v6 is functionning. I bet there are functions that are not implemented in this v6 built, like the hardware strings and GUID/MBR dual support. Not that matters to me now, but as I wish to update my computer soon and run on a vanilla kernel with, maybe, the hardware strings now usable on v8, it may concern me later. If someone could shed some lights on this matters to me I would be grateful.


THX again 3d-man.

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hey dan,


if this is still relevant to you -


you can make an additional partition on your leo drive (disk utility - resize nfs, add fat at the end) and copy boot_v8 there.

the osx entry in menu.lst should look something like this:


title leo
root (hd1,2)
kernel /boot_v8


boot_v8 now starts on drive 0x81.

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