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Leopard 10.5.1 on HP Pavilion dv6502


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Hi all,

I have a hp pavilion dv6502 notebook.

The specs are as follows:



MCP67M, Gefoece7150




I want to install leo on this notebook and require a little help from you guys for that.

1. Which is the best release for this notebook ( if i download iATKOS 1.0i, will i be able to patch it for amd? similarly for Kalyway?)

2. Previously i've tried all the Tiger releases but could not install because of the sata problem.

3. Will i get out of the box support for most of the components?


i've tried searching the forum but i could not find any satisfactory posts bases on something similar to this config.

If you happen to read this post, and know that somethin similar to this question has already been answered, then please point it out to me, i'll be more than grateful. :(


Thanking ya all in advance...

(Happy New year '08)


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They aren't the same.

DV6245CA is a configuration closest to the MacIntels, while the dv6502au is a PITN if you happen to like Mac. The HCL does not show 7150m still (though 6150 has made the list somehow, now I wish I had bought the tablet PC model instead), and when you start the install process you realise that the installer would not detect the hard disk because SATA would not work with whatever nForce chipset this laptop is running on.


I see that the people are working on this for more than a year now. Any solutions yet? I am using Suse on my laptop but I would like to have Mac.


Aku were you able to install Tiger on VMWare? I tried installing it on Parallels Workstation (VMWare is expensive) but it would always return an error after Darwin starts loading.

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