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  1. Why don't you use the kext attached by Green, and see what kind of results you get.
  2. bag, which kext are you using? if you are using the old medevil kext, well i hate to break it to you, but it's got some issues. Btw, you can try not to format your partition with any filesystem. i.e. just assigh the partition w/o formatting it.... It might work.
  3. Atleast let us have our internal sata drives mounted by leo.. then we can think about increasing access speed
  4. Man! WoW! Awesome...! GreenTurtle... you are true to your name... slow but steady! You've surely won the race Btw, is that ppf going to be on leo4allv3 or v4? Ps. if possible please ask for a ppf on leo4all v3... (i just wanna get leo working on my hackbook asap!!! )
  5. Hey green... thanks for the screenshot buddy.. appreciate it! Btw, can you please let us know if : 1. Will there be a ppf to convert leo4allv3 to leo4allv4? 2. Can you write into your sata drives? 3. Is the installed capable of installing leo into the internal sata hdd? ps. ) Nice MacBook parody.. lol!!! well done mate!
  6. http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/ind...t35985-900.html ObsidianX got the kext working... :?
  7. mcp67 doesn't detect

    Even the older kext by medevil recognizes the sata drives, but alas, it results a broken video when one tries to mount the drives... :(just follow this thread to keep your self updated with the solution of your problem.http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=99713&st=0(Till date, there aint any, but its only a matter of time)
  8. This morning, even i tried the old nforce ppf... While booting off the dvd, it took forever, the process did freeze for a couple of minutes, but then again it started. The DiskUtility was able to detect the drives, but when i tried to format them with MacOS Journaled option, the video went choppy and ultimately, it went off with hazy stripes all over the display... even i was wondering, is there any news from eddies side? I was just wondering, if leo4allv3 gold will be able to detect the drives or not... i'm outta dvdr's as of now.
  9. all our problems would have come to an end if only there was the sata/ide option in our bios... Now, keeping that in mind, is there any hack available for the bios? I know it would be risky, but its worth a try @eddie, May god bless you mate, it seems you are seriously doing some hard work on this case, once again good job mate! Do keep us updated with your progress.
  10. HI all, well i've been thinking that since I'm not really sure which kext is going to work for me, so is it possible to load a kext into memory from a flash drive while I'm booting off the installation DVD at the Installation Screen ? Then after i know that a particular kext is working for me, I'll inject that onto the leo4all v2 dvd. ps. Is the leo4all available at the bay?