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Strange booting problem


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Hi all !



My specs are:


Intel Core 2 Duo (supports SSE 3)

ASRock VSTA Motheboard

IDE 160 Gb HD


I was able to install Leopard on an IDE HD. I have only one partition (GUID).I have changed lots of stuff on the BIOS (disable USB, Raid to non-Raid etc....).Nothing works. On the OSX installer I only installed the Vanilla and the EFI for the correspondent format partition (now using GUID).


When I start the computer it detects the Leopard install on my HD but restarts almost automotically. I have tried with -v , -v -x, -f and vanilla comands ... I do get some strange errors saying :


"Hey we are going backwards - > restarting timing" and "calibration failed with 2 attempts".


Seem it is something from the BIOS but not sure what.


Anyone got the same problems as I did ?

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Could someone help me out on this, im so Noob and would like to learn more, im having that same problem with my pc the "we are going backwards " msg and calibation failed with 2 attempts and i cant run the DVD to install, i m using Leo4all, i have tried Zephyroth on an AMD Acer notebook i have and it worked fine from start to finish.

Any ideas are really appreciated, my system specs:

ACPI X86 based PC

Motherboard: MSI P6NGM

Intel Pentium D dual core 3000Mhz SSE3 compatible

Maxtor Hard drive IDE 100GB


Nvidia GeForce 8500GT


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