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Anyone installed Leo on a ASUS P5PL2-E ?


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Hi all


Just a quick question.

Anyone managed to successfully install Leopard, with EFI, on a ASUS P5PL2-E motherboard ?

I'm using the Brazilmac patched DVD (not applying the postpatch as i'm using EFI)

  • Applied EFI
  • Deleted AppleEFIRuntime.kext,
  • Added dsmos.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext
  • Fixed owner and permissions

After rebooting Leopard continually reboots

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hey meeeeeeeee too it`s my currently Mother board i install Leo4all but no sound but uphuck Tiger full working Sound,Lan,Nividia 7300 with PCIworking fine i`m Now downloading kalyway

what works for you by sound ..............







Ahmad Farah

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