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  1. oh, you "had" a perfect installation on your 755 but you sold it, ok cool.... was it a stock 755 ?
  2. sorry, not following, what do you have OSX installed on now ?
  3. chris, did you get this work ? it's a huge howto
  4. shaun would love a howto please mate !!
  5. ipguy

    HP Mini 5103 and OSX ?

    has anyone got osx running on a HP Mini 5103 ?
  6. ipguy

    Is Dell Latitude e5400 compatible ?

    I managed to get iATKOS v4 on there but no wifi and QE, everything else works fine. If I can get graphics and wifi to work i'll be happy. Graphics Device ID: 0x2a42 Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Revision IS: (0x0007) Wifi "no information available" any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. HI all I just snagged a Dell Latitude e5400 and am wondering if it's Mac OS compatible ?
  8. Hi Guys Is Snow Leopard more compatible with the E5400, I just nabbed an e5400 from ebay and would love to get mac os on it.
  9. ipguy

    Waiting for boot device...

    hey bluepigfx did you ever fix this issue ?
  10. ipguy

    speed up video ? (G5 iMac)

    i'll give it a go.
  11. Hi all I just purchase a iMac G5 from eBay and i love it ! only have one question, is there any way to speedup opengl for on screen rendering ?
  12. was that your problem, the burn speed ?
  13. did you manage to fix the problem ?
  14. ipguy

    [Solution] ICH10 [IDE Mode] SATA Kext

    anyone willing to answer this ?