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MacHeist II Mission 3 Launched & Solved


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Mission 3 of MacHeist II has been launched and solved. Official briefing from MacHeist:


Mission 3

Things are beginning to become a bit clearer now… the mysterious photo of the box from Mission 1 has turned out to be Apple's Reality Distortion Field (RDF) generator machine.


The Directorate recently came in contact with a source who claims to have inside information about the theft and what they plan to do with it. And our Chicago agents have received more intel in the form of a Zip disk containing a mysterious product box.


In addition, the Directorate recently received a very strange text communication which appears to be in some unusual language, albeit a very beautiful one:


Um das hier zu lösen ist dein Scharfsinn gefragt. Es ist eine knifflige Aufgabe… ein Paradoxon… ein Dilemma. Verwende die Walzen Fünf, Eins und Vier. Setze dann die Anfangspositionen auf T, M und A. Stelle schließlich das Steckerbrett so ein das O mit F, P mit Q, W mit S, E mit R und Z mit I tauscht. Viel Glück du Armleuchter…

We have no clue as of yet what it means but we have a suspicion that it ties-in with the box.


We're counting on you, agent, to get to the bottom of all this. We think it's safe to say at this point that whomever stole the RDF is up to no good and you may be able to thwart their plans with your persistence.


Spoiler Warning


Here is the official Mission 3 thread from the MacHeist Forums. I won't put the code here, its up to you to find it :)


The software prize consists of Voice Candy (voice note recorder), Freeze Frame (application pauser/freezer), and Podcast Maker (tool for making podcasts obviously), and another bundle discount coupon. Total approximate value of this package is $58.




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