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Any PRO Users Here? i.e. work in Film/TV/Graphics?


Are you a PRO? FT? PT? Freelance  

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    • Not a Pro but would like a decent graphic (GPU) machine (cheap)

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Pro:Freelance audio (have successfully release a product in mainstream, Sony, Ilio (sample companies, i.e giga/tascam) or, PRO (studio), FCP for television, ad's, commercial or Graphic design for Warner, NBC, Boston Globe, Radio, et.I'm trying to see what the majority is.The reason I ask is, Apple used to focus on the pro in the entertainment business and today, they still lack a sub $1000 machine with decent graphics for fear PROS would buy the cheap systems. The truth of the matter is, mom, baby strollers, puppies, and "...is 160GB memory..." users make up the market share, not the pros, so releasing something for a good price would cause some users to by the machine for games. e.g. iMac loads unreal 3 excellent on iMac, (bootcamp windows) and would expect UB version for Mac (FEB?) would be fine, especially on a Mac Pro or Mac Book pro - -still, for a laptop you need to spend $2000 if you have any inclination on playing any type of cool game, and of course, motion and would like to see, who here works in the "biz."Thanks :rolleyes:Man, sorry about that!***************** I made some edits and it posted three times. Way to delete?Thanks*****************

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;) i work in the audio editing business, digitizing, remastering, editing, the works, but i don't do it in mac because the software simply isn't up to par with the hardware i have. it would be nice to have a working professional soundcard that isn't USB or Firewire so that i could use Logic Pro, but i have an M-Audio PCI, not USB/Firewire.


i use windows xp pro x64 for my editing work now, 3gb of Dual channel RAM, and an Audiophile 24/96 for recording. not mentioning my newly aquired 17" monitor, my system was cheap. no joke, i paid give or take shipping costs, $450 for everything, before you get to the software. after software, the price breaks $1000 and you see where the money really went. Adobe Audition, to me, is far better than anything else for audio editing. recording however, could be better. i'm stuck with single channel recording right now, but i can't complain, this box is good enough for what i do.


the only reason i slapped on OS X was to see if i could phase out windows, and the answer is no.


i don't game though, so load times or FPS mean nothing to me. the quality audio that i output is most important to me, and with the time i've spent mastering the tricks of audition, i'm set. it can be argued, but for me, i wont use anything else. you can give me the option of installing Soundtrack, but i don't like it at all. to some the interface is easier, but they didn't start on audition and stick with it.


i started out using a Soundblaster PCI card for my recording, and the fidelity is complete {censored} compared to the Audiophile. when you start using a certain software group, its important to not move on unless you know you'll never be able to utilize it to its capacity. some people view logic 8 as the pinnacle of audio editing, but i don't.


if mac lowered their prices, and m-audio decided to make drivers for their PCI cards, i'd think about actually buying a mac. i've thought about a macbook pro 15", but i have no reason for it. my thinkpad T22 with linux can run circles around a mac for $0 in terms of software capability.

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@retroz, why have you created 3 identical topics?


Did you lose the first 2?


And btw, this one has the worst formatting of the 3.


I know, I posted that at the end of topic 1!!!


I said I made some edits and what happened was it created it several times.


Opppps...see above, last sentence.


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