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I have previously had OSX86 running on the same machine fine, using the deadmoo image, however I found it far too unstable to use, after a few failed attempts at installing 10.5, I realised that my processor probably can't handle it so have reverted to using the 10.4.8 JaS image.


Currently my motherboards native VGA output is supported, but the GFX card in the machine (Geforce 2 MX400) is not, previously I was able to dodge this using the platform=x86pc string, however this does not seem to work now.


I have pulled all relative gfx kexts from the system folder and still have the same issue, this card also seems to fall before the support period for the titan binaries.


The only solution I have found is of people using the MacVidia 1.0.8 driver, which seems to work fine on this chipset, however the macvidia hompage seems to have been down for days on end now and I'm wondering if anyone either has a copy of the driver or any advice on another workaround, and help would be greatly apreciated.


Thanks :-)

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