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motherboard with onboard graphics

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Does anyone knows what motherboard works with 10.5.2 with an onboard graphic chip set?


I want to replace a motherboard from a 2U server box, and I have no room for a pci graphic card.


I also would like to have sata and firewire.




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Before you react this way, please ask if someone did search.


I did search, even spend more then five hours including reading the kalyway topics.


Also in the HCL list there is no mention of a graphic onboard well working board.


And your link was very helpfull. Sigh, you'r so helpfull.


B.t.w I did install on two laptops tiger and leopard, with searching the forum.


Maybe someone else can help me more serious.

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945GCMX, G31MX


take your pick...

add a cheap firewire PCI


Soo....you have yet to come across one person running GMA950 and i think x3100 integrated on Leo?


And i apologize if you're a OSX86 Vet, but with 14 posts and asking basic questions... :blink:

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