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Graphics Slowdown


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I finished the installation of Leopard on my "hackintosh", and everything is working.

I'm on a Pentium Dual Core E2160@3Ghz, with EFI v8 and iATKOS.

I have full CoreImage, Quartz acceleration, audio, DVD burner, AHCI discs. Everything working perfectly.

Except that the minimize window animation is slow. It gives like 5 frames per second minimizing a window.

Xbench gives me a normal score though.

So, is this slowdown normal? What can I do to fix it?





My score on Xbench: 146.59

CPU Test: 167.91

Thread Test: 219.15

Memory Test: 196.15

Quartz Graphics Test: 262.56

OpenGL Graphics Test: 299.65

User Interface Test: 260.07

Disk Test: 47.29

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