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Something about iphone(free games/TV Out/Video/Slideshow)


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In 2007 the fastest rising keyword on Google was iPhone, and when it was releasing, there were people crowding outside every apple stores.


I got one at November. After a month accompanied with it, I was becoming unsatisfied with its built-in functions, so I searched for some extension ways of using it.



Unfortunately, iphone did not built-in any games, so we have to install games by ourselves or find some free webware-based-games.


Free games : ( they are base on webware, it must be played via WIFI connection, EDGE connection just too slow to load them.)

http://mynumo.com/iphone/darts/index.htm 501 dart

http://www.conceptdraw.com/aha/ aha

http://static.popcap.com/iphone/ bejeweled

http://www.ifonearcade.com/ 3 free games


For more free games, you can visit this site: http://www.iphonegold.org/games, and it's been optimized for iphone to view.




Free Music/Video

So far, Limewire seems to be the only and the easiest way to download free songs, you can refer to this tutorial:


With WIFI connected iphone we can watch youtube videos, so it seemed there was unnecessary to download those things, but what are we gonna do if we wanna share something but not covered by WIFI at moment? Download them to iphone as insurances.

the follow guild is how to download youtube videos to iphone.

1. Go to this website: http://vixy.net/flv_converter , it's an online FLV converter


2. Find the video URL on the right of youtube video page, just like this format:

, and copy the URL to the input box on http://vixy.net/flv_converter and choose "MP4 for iPod/PSP" to convert the FLV file. Then press the start button and wait a moment.



3. After conversion finished, there is a link for you to download the video file. Download it, and sync it via iTunes to iphone.

1. Run iTunes.

2. At iTunes menu click ->file, then click->add, browse to the MP4 files, select them and click "OK".

3. Sync the playlist with iphone.



Share videos on TV via AV cable or dock.

iTouch/iPhone can output videos to TV through its AV cable, which is available on Apple shop for $49 include an AC charger. Now we can gather my friends and watch what I got on youtube, and share my slideshow of Christmas.

Component cable mb128_125.jpg

Composite cable mb129_125.jpg


1. We have to get an AV cable like above.

2. Connect iphone with TV via cable, it's very simple, as the same color insert to the same color

3. Select TV output on iphone's menu, we are able to watch videos or slideshows on TV, we can also connect a power adapter at the same time in case to avoid low battery.


After I watched the built-in slideshow of iphone on TV, I thought it was lack of effects, so I searched on Google and found a good slideshow builder for iphone, which is called iphone slideshow, I generated a sample below:



you can download it here: http://www.photo-to-dvd.com/iphone-slideshow.html, it's for XP/Vista, and it's really worth to try.

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