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delete all video card driver installed ? How


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Hello again,


What I did :


installed Leopard using Iatkos iR2 version -> ok

Launch Leopard using the Kalway DVD inside -> ok the first time (works only one time, after rebooting, it does not work anymore -> "screen reboot PC")




well it seems the "Please reboot your PC" screen is a video driver related error, I can boot under leopard using some tricks (read above) once but not twice, so what is the command line to write under the leopard terminal to erase all drivers (video) for the installation, and what are the command lines to install other drivers (I've got a Nvidia 8800 GT 512)


Thanks for helping me (I'm noob so please, be gentle ;) )

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Please do not make new thread for the same issue.


If you must insist on deleting the video card drivers, try this:


Boot up your installation dvd, look under disk utility, select your MAC drive and find your path. Write it down.


Go back to utility, open up terminal, and type following:


cd "the path you wrote down earlier"

cd system/library/extensions

rm -r nvinject.kext

rm -r natit.kext




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