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Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4

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Hi there,


I see that starblob and some other forum users are having some success with getting Leopard working on the crappy MSI boards. But I decided to get a new motherboard with Firewire, that works well with Leopard from scrach.


So my questions are basicly what does work and what doesn't work with Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4? I'm mainly concerned with good performance and to have firewire working, does that work ?





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I used the GA-P35-DS3R BrazilMac guide for my DS4 and it works flawlessly. (Leopard)

Sleep works, FW works, sound works (after adding .kext), LAN works (only 100Mbit, but haven't looked at it. Works well enough :().

Haven't used Parallel, Serial, IDE, SATA7+8 (the purple ones on the extra controller). Don't think it works, doesn't matter anyway.

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