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Help needed pls. Leopard is sharing all drives on network

elefant man

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I have just upgraded to Leopard from Tiger on a Intel Imac.


I have done a clean fresh install of Leopard.


The problem that I am having is this.



I have enabled file sharing and in the options menu I have only SMB ticked.


I only have one folder in my shared folders (MP3) section of sharing setup.


However when I explore the Mac from a windows machine XP or Vista I can see all of my drives.


I have the main HDD Partitioned into 2. 1 for the OS and the other for storage.

I also have a firewire drive split into 4 partitions and also a single partition usb drive.


When I explore the Mac from windows it shows all 7 partitions and the home folder.


I can read and write to all drives also.


If I have a .dmg mounted it will also show this too.


I am baffled as to why this is and I hope someone can help me out.

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Do you have the same username/password on your Mac as on your Windows machines? I've noticed that Windows tries authenticating with your current local profile credentials against the network shares. If you're logged on as a different user on your Windows machines and can still see all of the shares, then it's a different problem.

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