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[For Sale] iMac 20in 2.16GHz


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Hello all,


I'm selling my iMac 20" Core Duo, as I need more storage than it currently allows. Time for a NAS or something. Anyway, here's the specs and eBay link.


I originally bought this iMac in May 2007, refurbished from the Apple online store. Since then, I've upgraded the wireless to 802.11n, using the Mac Pro replacement wireless card, and upgraded the hard drive to 500GB. It comes with OS X Leopard pre-installed and the original OSX 10.4 installation CD's that came with it. I've also upgraded the keyboard to the new aluminum keyboard from Apple. The only issue with the aluminum keyboard is that the firmware doesn't support the Option key method of selecting a bootdisk. For that reason, I'm including both the aluminum keyboard and the original Apple white keyboard. I've also upgraded the mouse to the wireless Mighty Mouse, though if you prefer, I can send the corded one instead. It also comes with the Apple Remote. I've had no issues with the computer. It's been used mainly for photo editing and storage. The reason for selling is simply that I need more storage for my photography, and so I'm switching to a storage server and selling the iMac.


Package includes:

*20" iMac Core Duo 2.16GHz

*OS X Leopard 10.5 preinstalled

*Tiger 10.4 installation CD's

*Apple Aluminum Keyboard

*Apple White Keyboard

*Apple Wireless or Wired Mighty Mouse

*Apple Remote

*Wireless upgraded to 802.11b,g,n




Edit: For US and Canada only.

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