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Notebook leopard help


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hey so when trying to install leopard with the kalyway install disc. my screen only showed a blue screen when i plugged my laptop into my 22

" moniter i found all what i shoudve saw (the installation window and such) so i was able to complete the installation. now booting into leopard shows nothing on the laptop scren (just blue/grey ish collor) and than when i plug in the 22" monitor the leopard desktop shows up on the 22" monitor while my laptop screen shows notihng, i messed around in system preferences and such and couldnt get the desktop onto the laptop screen. can anyone help me? and also in the wiki part of osx86project there is a person that stated a compaq c712nr worked fine which is nearly the exact hardware of mine maybe help from the writer of that could help me but any help would be appreciated!


thanks in advance

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