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  1. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    alright so i used a generic hex string from the macbook and put it in the boot.plist,when booting i got an error and it kicked into safemode, after messing with the boot file i ended back to where i was and booting back on to my ext moniter... we need a better solution
  2. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    thanks, sorry i didnt see that! my bad thanks again
  3. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    hey errandwolfe, could you show me what your boot.plist looks like? im trying to do your method but im soo lost but an example will really help. thanks in advance!
  4. Notebook leopard help

    hey so when trying to install leopard with the kalyway install disc. my screen only showed a blue screen when i plugged my laptop into my 22 " moniter i found all what i shoudve saw (the installation window and such) so i was able to complete the installation. now booting into leopard shows nothing on the laptop scren (just blue/grey ish collor) and than when i plug in the 22" monitor the leopard desktop shows up on the 22" monitor while my laptop screen shows notihng, i messed around in system preferences and such and couldnt get the desktop onto the laptop screen. can anyone help me? and also in the wiki part of osx86project there is a person that stated a compaq c712nr worked fine which is nearly the exact hardware of mine maybe help from the writer of that could help me but any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance
  5. Simple question on dual layer dvds

    wait can i ask what patch is this? the sticky into making it a single layer disc hadnt worked for me or anyone on the that topic htat i could see
  6. thanks mac.nub! i think you are releasing that today? if im right...
  7. hey i apologize if i seem like a complete noob but ive left this scene and trying to come back, and im competely lost. i downloaded the file, its a installer so, im wandoring can i even boot in with an 8800 to install this? i havent bothered to install os x yet i read it wont load up in a 8800 machine. my specs should be in my signature... thanks~! in advance
  8. Hey, I currently have a pretty decent comp, running with Nvidia 8800GTS 640Mb, ive been reading that theres not much progress in the development for drivers, i was wandoring if id bought a supported PCI card if it would work and how would i get it to run off the pci card? ( i did do searches for topics that may answer this i havent found any.. so please dont attack me :-)
  9. 360 Dev on Powermac?

    Another thing to think about.. the Demo of the 360 games in E3 were running off the Powermacs, it didn't look as pretty as it is now on the real consoles but its still better than most pc games. you would think it would run the games
  10. 360 Dev on Powermac?

    it seems emulation would be easy, also mark7714 stated its 3.2ghz a core but as of now the games have been only using oneof the 3 cores, so dual processors should be able to emulate. Are the Nvidia Quatro Cards fast enough to run these you think? beacause those cards cost $1000+. as much as apple is moving to x86, i doubt they will move their professional line to it too quickly, just an assumption though.
  11. 360 Dev on Powermac?

    Supposely the first or 2nd set of Xbox 360 developer kits were powermac g5's , doesnt that mean if us (powermac owners) get hands on the hdd, could run 360 games on our macs? jus wandoring you people out there think, if its possible and if it can easily be done?
  12. Hi, i posted before about my powermac i have recived and i finally got it up and running but i realized it had 10.2.7 and not suitable for me, so i was to upgrade to 10.4 but the superdrive rejects anything i stuff in it. there is a firmware to fix it but it requires 10.3 panther.. which wont install anyways with out the drive accepting the disc does anyone know what i can do? i need that firmware somehow to work on 10.2 any help?
  13. powermac prob

    Well, thanks so is there way to install a mac firmware on my card? and this model does have AGP, the new ones use PCI-E but this is an older with AGP. I haven't found i thing with speed or anythign yet but i'll sttill look But uh, i dont think i can contact apple for an reason, if u PM me i can tell you why i dont want to publicize it.. and no i didn't steal it. but thanks so far for the responses. But uh.. would you think if hte comptuer is faulty would it blow a vid card? i'm thinking of borrowing one from my schools g5. But i dont want to do it if there si a 50% chance more of it getting blown up haha. or messed up in a way. EDIT: 11:55pm So Far i found its a Dual 1.6Ghz but i'm not sure. though that is guess by my model #
  14. powermac prob

    I just got a powermac g5, not new, BUt i dont know how to determine what hte speed is or anythign other it didn't come with a video card. and when it turns on, the fans go full blast soo first question what kind of video card do i need? will a PC video card work (ati radeon 9600 pro for pc?(thats what i have)) also is this fan thing an problem. I dont know if this comp suppose to even work but, please any help would be appreciated, either its gonna be used as a mod or used as a powerful g5
  15. hi, i had the deadmoo image working on my laptop but i sold it and went for a desktop. not thinking about proper hardware i got random hardware. P4 630 (does have sse3) ECS motherboard and i tried getting the image to work and i haven't got any success so i've decided to just install with 10.4.3 I have an iso that is prepatched with "wesleys patch" i donno what it is but i have burned it. and i haven't been able to boot from it. So i was wandoring 1 if this iso should work? and second could i some how use VMWare to install it on a secound hdd or sumthing, as of now i'm getting some error from VMware trying to boot from disc. and so i'm kinda stuck. I've been trying to solve this on my own for a few months and now its leading me to ask for some forum help. Thanks in advance - Detailed Computer Specs Intel P4 630 3ghz 800mhz fsb with HT/64bit 2mbL2 cache ECS Elitegroup LGA775 Internal Combo Drive External DVD-/+RW DL Maxtor 200GB ATA133 (Primary Drive) Seagate 160GB SATA Ati Radeon 9600 Pro 256Mb AGP Sabrent 5.1 Surround Sound PCI Card