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ATI x300 is not working!


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Just seeing if there's an update?


I have the dell inspiron 6000 laptop as well. I have spent two weeks trying to get QE/CI enabled. I have searched and search all manner of forums and blogs.


Please help if you can.


I have tried koverg to callisto.


I have everything working flawlessly! from audio to cd-rom (have an external wifi adapter-wasn't able to get to 10.5 iwidarwin drivers to work for the 2200 bg)


I have found that callisto b5 works best for me, perfect 1280x800 resolution!


I have 10.5.8


My video is ati x300 (m22) 5460 device id 128mb ram


Please help, I am willing to try anything at this point.


Also, if anyone has already hacked ati drivers for this model I would love for you to share them. No matter id tiger of leopard.


Thank you again!




Hi... I got same hardware (m22) 5460 in a HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook, running kalyway 10.5.2 . I'm running widescreen resolution 1680x1050x32 60hz which is native for my 17in panel . I got it to work with Callisto b003fixed. All I did was follow the instructions in the "installation.html"

It looks flawless on the desktop but I'm not sure if the hardware acceleration is fully functional because openGl graphics like the screensaver are little choppy. I'm satisfied with the results since I only use this laptop for business and I don't really play video games on it.


Anyways... here is the download link for the driver http://omni.110mb.com/callisto/ ...

If it works for you don't forget to donate :)


Good LUcK , Hope it works for you

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