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Any way I can get my webcam working?


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Been reading alot around here, and I have succesfully installed the iatkos release on my Packard Bell laptop. Everything works except for the integrated camera, and wireless networking (Networking will be fixed soon, got myself a compatible card instead of the Intel 3945 thingy.)


So I read alot about kext and their .plists and that you have to add some device id's in them. Under USB it says,


USB high speed bus

USB 2.0 camera.


About the camera it says this:

Version 1.0

Buspower (mA) 500

Speed upto 480 Mb/sec

Product-id 0x5602

Manufacturer ID 0x0402


Bare with me as this is translated very loosly from Norwegian. Strange when I come to think of it, that system is english language. Anyway,

is there a way to make it work? And if so, would anyone help me getting there?


I appreciate all help, and if you think this is a noob question, you should know I am a noob ;) We all were at one time.

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try macam drivers

google > macam

He's right. I used the macam drivers a few days ago to get one of my Creative webcams working. Unfortunately, it's the one I use for laptops and will only clip to LCDs 1/2" or smaller. I have to find a way to velcro it to my LCD at home. :) My other Creative webcam is not supported.
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