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My Stuff arrived, woo!


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Well, after reading up a lot on here, I decided to copy Sterollas build, (minus the graphics card, because newegg stopped carrying them.) So I ordered everything I needed, and I gotta say, newegg is great, an ships fast, only thing still coming is my computer case, an then its off to Hackintosh city, and some 10.5.2 kexts,etc for my video card, and I will be one happy clam, thanks to everyone on here for all the great info.


i'll be sure to update more when the build is actually happening but, heres a pic of the stuff, I just opened it all :D







Well I forgot to update this post like I said I would, mainly because I don't think anyone cares :D ha.


but needless to say, my "openbox" motherboard from newegg. arrived with a broken heat sync and some odd haze on the back of the motherboard leading me to believe the previous owner may have fried something, so I sent it back and found the same motherboard but a new one, off amazon.com, so I put it all together earlier this week, everything went fine, the heatsync/fan was a little difficult on the core 2 duo, but after a little frustration with it, i got it seated onto the motherboard, got everything hooked up, used kalaway 10.5.1 dvd, installed fine, used the opengl.frameworks and geforce 10.5.2 kext for my 8600 gt, works like a charm. neways heres some screenshots.


thanks to everyone on these forums with all the great info!




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