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Interesting Install Problem


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I had a working install with A Celeron 420, but I just got an E2140. I've read the WiKi and the forums and I know others have had success with this processor.


I got the processor installed this morning, but when I went to boot up into my existing install, nothing happened. -v Showed no errors, no panics, nothing. I just figured I needed to reinstall.


I've tried several different installs, including older Tiger installs, but all DVD's bring me to the same frozen screen. This screen, again, gives no errors, no panics, and it tells me is:



MAC Framework successfully initialized

using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers"


Any ideas would be exceptionally helpful.


UPDATE: I was able to get the Kaly DVD to install if I typed cpus=1 at boot, but after install, system still hangs at the same screen.

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