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help me configurating my airport and my router


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Hey all,


I have a new airport (airport express) and a ads router (thompson speedtouch 510). I like downloading with torrents, but i have a port forwarding problem since i have my airport. My torrent client is bittyrant and it says firewalled (for tcp and for udp(udp is sometimes ok, but tcp stays firewalled)).


My home network looks like this: firts my adsl router and then my airport (i have 3 pc's : one old imac that's directly connected to the router and one new imac that's connected to the airport and another pc that's also connected to the airport). The goal is to download fast on that new imac (the one on the airport).


So: my router gives my airport an ip:, my airport gives my imac an ip:

When i forward port 50000 (used by bittyrant) in my router for the ip, i enter


inside ip: inside port 50000

outside ip: outside port 50000

protocol: tcp


i get the error message:

ERROR: Unable to add the specified NAT entry !!

i don't get this error message when i forward the port with the udp protocol


i forwarded the port 50000 on my airport (but i didn't had the choise to choose upd or tcp in the airport configuration utily)


that's all i tried, am i doing something wrong? or is there a problem with my router or something else?

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