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Simple Dual boot With Windows xp And leopard

El Tubaron

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After reading many posts I still wasn't able to install a dualboot windows xp and leopard... With tiger I always install grub with no problems, but now with leo I've got a blinking cursor. So any suggestions are welcome.


My idea is to install leo and xp in a harddisk (60gb/60gb), default boot windows xp (for now :) )


PS: I've already installed leo with kalyway DVD and MBR_efi and windows xp both in AHCI.




my config:

MB Intel dp33dp C2D 6600


seagate SATA 12gb

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If you have XP installed good, if not install it then get tboot from here place it inside [c:/] and follow the instruction there how to modify boot.ini and follow instruction there for leopard. work for me many times if you don't get it to work try again. I have dual and quad boot with Leopard.


* hint: for some reason Leopard will not boot if installed on a fifth partion, 1,2,3 should be ok.



Toshiba Satalite M115-S3094

1.5GB ram

(0) XP MCE 2005

(1) Leo (10.5.)

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The Intel dp35dp have drivers AHCI for windows xp and it works with no problems ....

so I have Windows and leo in AHCI I need just to do the dualboot ....


I've seen people here swearing left and right by Chain0 method. It is as simple as download a file called Chain0, put it in the root of your C drive, then add an entry in your xp boot.ini pointing to the Chain0. Haven't tried it myself but apparently it's been done by many with single drive solution. I just install Leopard on sepearte drive to avoid all the troubles. Imagine that if you wish to format and reinstall your XP or install Vista later on, just too much hassle with Leopard and window on one drive if you ask me. I've lost valueable data before playing with that.

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