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very frustrated about not being able to booth without DVD


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Sorry guys some of you might be completely sick of me winging about this up to now.. but I still havnt managed to get my leopord to boot without the DVD ;) ... I reaaaaaly want it installed its replacing vista completely... but I dont want to have to need the DVD in the drive everytime i boot.


I have tried using the kalyway make HD bootable disc and it doesnt help at all.. i tried an ubuntu live cd and flagged the partition as boot with gparted but it said it was already set as boot....


can anyone help me outtt im begining to get desperate lol Im sick of not finishing a project but im determined to get this done eventualy but i know its not possible unless someone around here can help me since you all know allot more than i do at this stuff (im still nooob sadly)


I cant install leo on GUID either... only MBR will work with a succesful installation


sorry to bother again

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