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Need Guidance from P35-DQ6 Users.

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Hey ok ill get straight to my problem. whenever i boot i have that damn flashing _ thing.

I have read up on 2 or 3 tutorials on how to install on my board (GA-P35-DQ6 with a Q6600 and 3gb ram) and i just cant get it to work. I have the Kalyway 10.5.1 dvd which has EFI and all the other stuff. The problem im running into is whatever i do all my harddrive gives my computer is a flashing underscore.


I read up about how its either the partition not being active or the boot loader isnt working properly. So i figured maybe my Kalyway DVD was stuffed up so i decided to do a checksum (MD5) with the one from the tutorial i followed. My checksum was identical yet ive been having problems.


All i breifly did was put my hard drives to AHCI and then booted my dvd installation, nothing went wrong with the booting of it, i went into disk util chose my hdd i want, selected GUID (aswell as MBR another time) for the partition map, went customize and chose the EFI for GUID aswell as the kernel and other things i needed.


So i chose those and hit continue, it checked my media and said it was 100% good. So it started installing and everything was going fine until right at the end it said it couldnt delete BaseSystem.xxxxxx from the hard drive root. So i thought to my self ok then ill delete it via console. So i launched that and did it and everything was fine.


So i reboot to no avail where all i see is that damn _ . Frustrated at this point i rebooted into vista and searched google on how to activate partitions. I tried 2 different methods including " fdisk -e /volumes/rdisk1" etc and it said it was all right. So i searched the forums here to find people running into installation problems with the GUID EFI package selected. So i chose the MBR package and the MBR partition map witht he same problems.


After this happened i rebooted and triple checked wat i was doing was right, and it was. i followed it word by word. I followed this guide here : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=78016 as it has to do with the same dvd as mine and the same motherboard. If anybody could give me any hints/tips or some sort of help to get this working that would be great.



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