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Installing OS on my Sony K37


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it always hangs after like 5 mins during idle. Sound didn't work, VGA is only 1024x768 and its a 15.4 screen, wireless not working. I installed it 3 times the 2nd install took forever and I noticed it already hanged.


So do you guys think there's still hope for my laptop?


Here's the specs and I used Wesley patched iso



Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor

538 (3.20GHz1, 1MB L2 Cache)

533MHz Front Side Bus Speed



ATI Radeon™ IGP 345M


Integrated Wireless LAN

IEEE 802.11b/g3



15.4” WXGA (1280x800) with

XBRITE™ technology


Hard Drive

80GB2 (4200rpm)



1GB PC-2100 266MHz DDR

(512MB x 2)

(Expandable to 1GB Maximum)



ATI Radeon™ IGP 345M

64MB Video RAM (shared w/ Main


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Try turning off or changing the screensaver try using a non animated one


Also go into System Preferences and click Energy Saver and adjust all the settings to never


ACPI is not working 100% as it was writen for Mac laptops


Also when you close the lid on your laptop it will crash there is a workaround for this using a program called Sleepless 2.1


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