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  1. Hi guys, I successfully installed Kalyway's dvd and I love how easy it is. Today I had to do a video project and Final Cut won't open. It dies after the External A/V window. I never hard this problem when I had my osx86 installed with the windows hd image method. Anyone having problems too? Is there a patch or fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Dune! It worked! I did a different way tho. I installed 10.5 using the image procedure in windows then installed Kaly's dvd. I did this procedure because I noticed some of the devices like the ethernet (only one recognized) are missing. Now everything works except wireless but I'm using the Netgear WG311T with P5W's antenna dongle. Speakeasy speed test: Up 1913kbps/ Down 11675kbps woohoo Thanks everyone for the help!
  3. Thanks for trying. Yeah my card works fine with the image method install I guess I have to do the long work again. (Install, repartition the 20GB install, patch drivers, EFI patch, etc)
  4. Yup same error. I only checked the bootloader and the vanilla stuff
  5. I tried it but no luck still the same.
  6. Ok after switching sata ports of my DVD I was able to have a successful install. Then I tried to boot up but it stops with the please restart image. So I tried to boot with verbose and it stops here. (see image below) Can you guys tell me what's going on? My Hardware are: P5W DH Deluxe Quad Core (Q6600) 4GB RAM 400GB HD Sata2 x1950 Pro Netgear WG311T Thanks in advance
  7. hi, can someone help with the Kalyway install? I tried it out with my P5W DH Deluxe but no luck. I tried IDE and SATA DVD and it restarts at 1 minute left on install. I tried to boot up on it but I get the Please hold to restart message. Can anyone help me? I successfully installed 10.5.1 before using the hard drive image install using windows and manually patched EFI (v.3 i think). Thanks in advance
  8. Success using Flat Image Pentium D 805 OC ASUS P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI ATI X1950 w/ Bronya Drivers
  9. Happy Birthday to Us!

    Happy Beerday!
  10. woohoo it works thanks for the how-to now I'm up to date
  11. Hey guys I just reformated my pc and it hangs after installing sp2. I hangs after I reboot and stops at the windows xp screen. Any idea why?
  12. Sucesses with JaS 10.4.6...

    I did the upgrade and it worked. 10.4.5 to 10.4.6 woohoo
  13. Capturing in Final Cut

    It sure does sound expensive. I guess I'll just use a switcher for the 3 feeds and mix them on the fly and do 1 capture
  14. Capturing in Final Cut

    So even with a G5 it won't be possible?
  15. Capturing in Final Cut

    Hey guys I have a question in capturing in Final Cut. Our church will be using 3 cameras, how can I capture all 3 inputs on the fly? Is there some type of capture deck or should I just capture them on tape? Thanks