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Looking thru component supplier here in NZ and came across 45nM processors E8x00 serries but did not find on wiki (am I blind) but will these processor support 10.5.x and are they sse4?


I am going to be purchasing this year the Gigabyte P35 DS3P v2.0 not sure about GFX card yet but maybe minimum 7600 or 8xxx with 2x 4GB ram dual channel to give 8 GB ram (yes more than I need but who cares @ $146 for 4GB)


I realize that the DS3P V2.0 only has issues with the 889 audio being 2 channels (would be great to have 7.1/5.1 but I think wont happen)


Of course when I upgrade I will be selling my old system to partly finance this new kit


I am looking at a budget of around $1500 NZ give or take a few hundred


So far with the E8400 DS3P and 1x 4GB kit is the mid $700 range but I think that is the version 1.0 Motherboard


I am going to ask other forum members what they think I should do

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