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Restart does not work


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Hello (from France)


I have the same mobo as you. Actually I run XxX 10.4.10, with MBR table and without EFI.

Seems to be stable but no sleep/wake and some KP. :unsure:


I'm looking for a solid configuation, so I try to upgrade XxX 10.4.10 to 10.4.11 with vanilla kernel, but it doesn't work.


My instal :

GUID partition Table

EFI v8

XxX 10.4.10 + jmicron + Titan + RealtekR1000

replace kernel 8.10.1 (Sochi2014) found in XXX 10.4.10 with 10.4.10_kernel_and_speedstep (Made by ToH:xnu-792.22.5/)

boot with EFI is good


upgrade to 10.4.11 with MacOSXUpd10.4.11Intel.dmg

suppress AppleEFIRuntime and AppleIntelCPUpowermanagement

I've tryed vanilla kernel, 10.4.10_kernel_and_speedstep and mach_kernel.10411.hacked -> nothing boot (with or without -x -legacy and so on) :(


A few days ago, I succeeded in booting the vanilla

10.4.11 kernel under EFI with this instal :

MBR Table, Jas 10.4.8 + update Jas 10.4.9 + update PascalW 10.4.10

EFI transition with kernel_speedtest

Apple upgrade 10.4.11 and success with Vanilla Kernel


But impossible to reinstall it correctly. Doesn't want boot more under 10.4.11 :wacko:


I will help you for restart, but I need first to boot. What is the way you use to boot in 10.4.11 ?


Edit : :) I've found it ! It's in the BIOS :

Advanced BIOS Features / No-Execute Memory Protect = Enabled ! And kernel vanilla boot with system.kext v8.11.1


OK now I will look for reboot (sleep/wake seems work now !)

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