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Best Release + Patch options for Intel D945gcl motherboard?


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I have an intel d945gcl motherboard on the way and was wondering which release to use and which patch options to select during the setup.


Cpu is Core2Duo E2160


This will be using the onboard video.


I was thinking of using Uphuck v10.4.9 v1.4i_r3


Specs on the board if you guys want a refresher:



The patches I *think* I should select to get it all working are:


10.4.9 Intel


-> Intel SSE3-2


-> ApplACPIPlatform.kext 10.4.8

-> Remove CPUPowerManagement kext


-> Vga -> Intel GMA950

-> Audio -> ICH7-R

-> Intel Pro 100 / VE

-> Intel Speedstep


Please let me know if you have another recipe for a working setup. I don't care if it's 10.4.8 - 10.5.+


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I just instlaled Iatkos 10.5.1 and just selected the main package and graphics selection for X1300 i think it was and everything worked perfectly except for the onboard nic.


I had a realtek 8139 pci card that I tossed in after the installation and it picked it up without having to do a thing.


No mouse tearing or anything.


Using E2160 CPU and 2gb ddr2-800 ram

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forgot the post on the other day i made.


i have the following(removed a week ago fro ubunutu)


Kalaway 10.5.2

update for System.kext from kalaway -->needed for usb to work right.

update to 10.5.3 from kalaway

kernel update to 10.5.3 for kalaway.


onboard video works out of box, or it should, it does on the GNT board, I've had both.


video, nvidia, you want the natit for 10.4.6 (Netkas install?) cant say for ATI.


audio is the 882,i used ICH7 without a hitch. not the 888ALC.go get froggie from the HDA patcher pages.reboot.

core2 is fine with vanila kernel, i have to use speedstep or modbin , i have the 3.4 D/C pentium D.


works the same with pentium 4 single core at 3ghz.(temporary replacement while intel shipped me the other one back.)


network, you need this, forgot about it.its a modded kext to allow the LAN to work.MArvell Ukon linux driver doesnt work.drop all three in extensions folder, modify the permissions, and your LAN will work.took me awhile to get this working.


it should be here(file).keeps telling me i didnt select a file.doesnt like linux filename paths for some reason.


try here for the LAN card.i have it, it wont lemme upload the file.




save it to disc with your other H/W files and you have a prefect install driver update cd.saves a lot of headache.

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