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  1. no, not worth it.Nothing but headaches on my UD3r board with .7,either delta or combo.Delta, at least stays stable until it decides to keel over and take the OS with it.The combo just refuses to work with your custom drivers.This is second time my LAN and 889a drivers WONt install after .7 update. They work fine with .5 I would use Tiger installation on this, as it is more stable, BUT, [other than torrent being impossible to get...] it is a ROYAL pain to get going on intel non-mac. My drivers are: alc 889a [patched for 5.1, but I have 8.0] nvidia nvinject 1GB-its a custom 8400GS Intel Realtek 1000 LAN [internal] Belkin wifi[RTUSB 73 w/zydas. seems to kick it better than by itself] ICH7/or the newer ICH 10 patches.Drives still come up orange either way.Hardware is ICH10. [six sata and 1 IDE port] Time machine WAS working with the delta update.Until I got weird text on the terminal, was missing files[bad JMicron controller driver?? I have both SATA and IDE JMicron] and got a kernel panic with ACPI.Decided to go get the torrent for the updated drivers, but there aren't enough seeders.I'm stalling halfway.That was three days ago. Now I have to reformat to 10.5.5 and stay put.Ubuntu has weird usb ps2 headset drivers, apparently someone broke them, as Ubuntu decides to lose the dongles [slot] and fail to work.It worked fine up until 9.04.I have to have my skype or SIP phone.My cell bill is outrageous. that looks like a kernel or audio issue.Page fault after loading HDA??? try removing the offending kext with the -s boot option or terminal from the install media. Wish they had that drop menu in the tiger install.
  2. forgot the post on the other day i made. i have the following(removed a week ago fro ubunutu) Kalaway 10.5.2 update for System.kext from kalaway -->needed for usb to work right. update to 10.5.3 from kalaway kernel update to 10.5.3 for kalaway. onboard video works out of box, or it should, it does on the GNT board, I've had both. video, nvidia, you want the natit for 10.4.6 (Netkas install?) cant say for ATI. audio is the 882,i used ICH7 without a hitch. not the 888ALC.go get froggie from the HDA patcher pages.reboot. core2 is fine with vanila kernel, i have to use speedstep or modbin , i have the 3.4 D/C pentium D. works the same with pentium 4 single core at 3ghz.(temporary replacement while intel shipped me the other one back.) network, you need this, forgot about it.its a modded kext to allow the LAN to work.MArvell Ukon linux driver doesnt work.drop all three in extensions folder, modify the permissions, and your LAN will work.took me awhile to get this working. it should be here(file).keeps telling me i didnt select a file.doesnt like linux filename paths for some reason. try here for the LAN card.i have it, it wont lemme upload the file. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;hl=intel+gnt save it to disc with your other H/W files and you have a prefect install driver update cd.saves a lot of headache.
  3. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    i tried to upload that file and couldn't for someone else, howd u do it? im on ubuntu.
  4. known: this is working kalaway edition.USE IT. dont know about those other wanabees, but this one works FINE VERY FINE. iAtkos, is iffey on nvidia and borken on INTEL.something doesnt work, i forget what.something important,because i put it down the thrash chute. dont run OSX on nvidia board anyway.likely to bork your install. confirmed on pentium D/4 series cpus and intel mobo 945 series.(deadmoo hardware) everything but nvidia graffix board is stock hardware. runs like a charm. use the nvinject for dual heads, i hate it as i only have one head and have to connect both leads to see anything.not sure if natit from 10.4.6 supports it, but i think it does.its under the pref panel. look for unchecked mirror displays box and screen [1] and [2].
  5. YES. The pentium D. NO its not THAT slow.try knoppix or ubunut or debbie, or tiger... (tiger overheats...issue is with the kernel core and speedstep instructions.) XP and VISTA are nothing but eye candy.YEs I cant type worth -------------- .neither can you. the config is fine. At one point even had an n980i nvidia board in it.3.5gb of ram most of time. XP is a bludgen piece of .You cant downgrade anymore, but its still overpriced and M$ still owz you. aparently you NEVER READ the EULA or Licence agreement upon installing the OS.Read it a little slower next time. another thing, that bloody activation process.heaven forbid you need to change your hardware.and drivers. HEH HEH had to install it the other day.needed ubuntu to grab my drivers.windoes wont find {censored}.thats up to the end user.linux has everything standardized built into the bootable kernel after about 3 seconds after boot.works out of the box with linux. even with my BAD CPU, it still runs okay at 3.4. it had issues with 64 bit instructions and full speed due to its thermal integrity of the CPU.heatsink WAS fine.even failed under water-cooling. the replacement CPU is much better. and your core2 (whatever) runs even hotter than my old CPU.ever felt up a mini when its running? you could cook an egg on it. dont know what im talkin bout huh? TRY AGAIN. beyond 800mhz, your cpu has to wait eternities for the rest of the hardware timings to keep up.HAvent you RTFM'd lately?They dont make 1600mhz+ ram chips, even now. you hard drive is probly runing at or BELOW UDMA/100 anyway.IT cant get much faster.thats on SATA (UDMA/133)or using a 80-wire cable. unless you are running a 4ghz (right, they have issues with hydrogen cooling at that speed.....) or are spending a fortune on your processor (GOD WHY?) I have the fastest thing out there.(this WAS intended.)ever noticed how fast cpu requirements jump in two-five years? I have my reasons for leopard.and it does give me the beach ball far too often for intel code(64bit or otherwise).debbiie core and derivatives seem to run much better, though KDE has its loading delays because of all the libs needed and prelinking not enabled by default,I would hardly call it slow. i think you need to know who you are talking to better before you go flaming HERE.most of us know a GREAT deal about several os'es.this place came about because most of us intended to install leopard or tiger and had some skills with *NIX, which apparently you are missing.this entails a great bit of hardware knowledge to be able to config and install, as OSX has issues with non-standard appple hardware sich as AMD cpu's or INTEL Pentium 4/D's or non-apple audio such as the ALC 88X or LAN cards, most of which drivers originated from *NIX, since that is the CORE of the OS anyway. if your gonna flame someone, flame yourself. YOU asked for my TWO cents.Now you have em.
  6. 8800s nvidia have KNOWN linux and OSX flaws to them.IE: LACK of driver support. dont know about LEOPARd, though. you need the natit installer from 10.4.6 to get anything up with QE/CL under tiger or above.there is HUGE performance increase with this driver. would recommened the 73/7600.i have the 7300.most think this is a bad downgrade, but for 256mb, its not that bad, dont even have a fan on mine and it runs fine.bought it oversea, so thats why no fan. use thermaltake for power, at least 500W.the liquid cooler from them only works so well.(so-so, could have been my bad cpu as well......) I have a 945 GNT/GCNL (had to replace it as cpu blew the first one and was bad and now replaced) the 945 series works well, would recommend the GNT945 board or pro or gaming series of same if available(are rare find nowadays, not made anymore) if you want over 2GB of ram, as GCNL and newer 945 boards have a ram limit.All have ICH7, (dont know what 9 is supposed to do), that works fine.GCNL autoconfigs your raid on sata, however, where GNT series does not.softraid works well on both boards.setup for said is only with Leopard(kalaway release only?) minor tweaking(install System.kext from kalaway 5.2 release (USB fix) and hda patching is all i needed.Marvell ukon on GCNL proved an effort at first, but got easier second time around.use the realtek gigabit kext and drop it in and fix your permissions to get it working like a charm.you need the older Natit drivers as nvinject doesnt take to the 3D accelleration, but the natit driver WILL do 3D work flawlessly. USE THE MODBIN OR SPEEDSTEP KERNEL if using other than core2duo CPU.VANILA ONLY WORKS ON CORE2DUO chips. after a few updates from kalaway, you are at 10.5.4 before you know it.) use the kalaway install cd for now, you can make your own installer cd for the next release to use the native installer at a later date.instructions for that are in another post. KEXTs are your driver files. the internal i945 video works, but it works like the one on the mac mini does.not so much 3d power, but it IS fully QE/CL supported out of the box, so if you have a dual input screen like mine, you can see the effect when trying to get your nvidia up and runnung properly if for some reason it displays nothing or a blue screen(this is a automatic dual monitor config it takes to for some reason sometimes.you just have to hook both inputs up to the nvidia card and fix the problem with your settings and it goes away.) took me about 30 minutes maybe to get the drivers up.GNT works the LAN out of the box. I have a HP(lite-on with the DL firmware update), and used pioneer and mad dog drives with no problem.usually stick to good name brands for the optical and hard drive.(seagate or western digital, have had issues with maxtors for some reason......still dont know why they drop data occasionally.) these boards are your choice, but this is the most compatible i've seen and recommened from the days of the deadmoo tiger installation.you can use what you want now(asus and AMD if U wish, but theres another DVD,YEAH DVD download for you, kalaway wont work on those),just saying..... you have to dig for the ISO on the torrent sites.kalaway, i find for 10.4.6 is the most quick, i takes me days on BB/cable to get the leopard disc.worth the wait IF you find the correct file, there is someone posting a bad ISO somewhere (its empty) and it set me back a week. you could boot the native dics that apple makes, but you need someone to make you an installer cd first because you aren't running mac, or aren't telling us you are running a mac.any mac will make the disc.but you need those bootable drivers for YOUR board and the tweaks for the native installer cd.it does nasty things i hear just like what the native updaters (10.5.3) do to your machine if you dont get this disc configured right. this is a project at best, if your up to the challenge.worst thing you can do is build another windows box. :-) its the 882 driver for the audio, forgot to post it.888 wont work at all.grab froggie the patcher as well, you need him.
  7. will give you pently of reasons not to use bob's os. i drugingly slow on a DUAL CORE 3.4GHZ machine with over 2gb of ram. 2.) m$haft owns you, didnt you read the agreement? they can install and remove ANYTHING they want and get away with it. 3.)the firewall sucks.use zonealarm its WAY better. 4.) it includes NOTHING but the base OS.no office, no photoshop/gimp.NADA 5.)it installs (fixed with VISTA, or was it?cant see past the spash screen) from DOS.right DOS.as in i need a driver for that to hang your system because all these other drivers are loaded before i can find your {censored}.at least give me VESA mode and sb16 equivalent sound and IDE DMA access. 6.)bob has to authenticate your everything.inspect your (WAWA) too if he could. 7.)your key only works on that system for install ONCE with VISTA.I have tried with two different installations.dont use an upgrade key with a full installer either.he still has two seperate installers for these.that was supposed to been fixed. XP at least, maybe vista tooo, cant look at the output to see, is a facial upgraded OS. Notice the 5.1, not 5.0 of the kernel? 5.0 was win2k.with the proper (SP3+compat. wizard,DX10, WMP9+VC1 codec...) stuff installed, you dont need XP.You dont need WMP10 or above for VC1 codec, either. 8.) like unix-es i've seen, nothing since at least 1983 has been deleted or changed, only left behind and left to rot.so that bloody 16-bit or 32-bit app wizard from windows 3.1 is still there in VISTA.I know its in XP.look in your windows folder a little more closely at the .exe files. 9.) everything, even after booting to NTFS, the propriatary file system STILL abides by the 8.3 naming convention, even within the GUI and after the install.come on, at least update the names a little.......i dont live in DOS days no more. 10.)OH IM NOT DONE BY FAR..... 10--- you cant just access your drive from even NTFS dos mode.you only have half assed repair utilities that usually dont do the job.this was added by the windows NT4 days and left there, updated some, but left there. 11.) you MUST use chkdsk (chk what?) to repair your drive.heaven forbid you cant boot it.now your screwed. 12.) it overrides your linux or lepard boot loader.i dont care, overwrite everything...... 13--- mostly #12 cant format a drive or dual boot unless windows has it FIRST. FAT32 corrupts.dont ever eveer EVER mount a fat32 from mac OSX on windows or vice-versa or under unix.your fat will be corrupted by the next boot, there usually isnt a fix but to use {censored} dos tools.(kind of fixed with ubuntu's ddrepair and scrounging utils....) FAT32 on big drives is a no no no with XP or greater.you have to use OSX or unix.but the installer does give you the option to use it. VISTA, buggier than swisss cheese.updates almost DAILY.firewall has a lot to be desired.malicious hackers always find a way in, usually through the browser.hmmmmm.think they would be packaging mozilla by now..... GET THIS....only windows ME versions EVER packed free OSS with thier machines as a default install.(emachines) EVER.have not seen *nix softwares on windows since unless YOU add them. Leopard/Tiger is basically FreeBSD with mac app support, mind you its a B----- to configure right if doing by hand, but thats what it is.apple dropped their BSD disk because linux hackers found out about this 'tweak' they claim to use as their proprietary OS.Load open darwin and a few hacks(needed for Leopard to work, not so much for tiger...) and you can boot it on normal hardware.not talking drivers here, actual kernal and low-level bios stuff. thier Os is only as propriety as ZETA and Ubuntu and Fedora Core and Knoppix.It has a base OS that is open source and publicly available and NOTHING NOTHING will ever change that.doubt they will outsmart hackers BECAUSE OF THIS FACT ALONE.OSX is forever now in the hands of everyone else (Kalaway,those who want to use it on thier generic hardware,ETC...)because of this. Windows, kiss the source goodbye.so you get only what M$ thinks you need.you can tell by the price, they want you SOOOOOO bad.NOT. Even with TWO keys per disc it isn't worth it, oh and that how many varieties does it come in? not Archs, varietys. supposedly theres still a ppc g5 port for the 360 dev team.so that version still exists.even if they dont give it out. supposedly version 9 is coming out and it STILL doesnt fix the major issues made with XP, still had compat software stuff installed, and STILL doesnt have 64-bit or IP6 support natively.not worth the money to upgrade every two years or so anymore for the latest games or whatnot.better to get them on the 360 or M$ new el cheapo machine.ok,the PS3 may have won a few games first, but they are coming around.look at UT3 should be out for the 360 now, if not soon.well worth the money if you liked UT:GOTY. game boxes are taking most of the games AWAY from the PC because of the resources and raw power required, with exception of CrySis, as we all know, but they (the dev teams) are realizing thier mistake on this and slowly correcting it. watch these overgrown speedy pc's become nothing more than overweight paperweights unless they are streaming/crunching videos or become servers someday.that is about all the diff i use mine for anymore.anyone can use a pc /mac to type up a letter or send a fax ETc.. the power was needed for the games and GUIs for windows and MAC OSX as well as VIDEO PROCESSING. VP is all about what these machines do well above the text mode and web browser stuff that my Dreamcast can do.Its old and seganet wont work, but the browser and email over DHCP mode will.who cares about speed on this machine anyway.reported my ps2 can do the same with some minor tweaking so i really have... lemme count.. 1(tower),2(ibook bought for oversea duty same age as imac given to papa),3(mini as backup for tower when it failed as notebook was OOC/FUBAR at the time),4(dreamcast),5(ps2) FIVE computers...WOW. FIVE that can do anything but crunch movies.3 that can, albeit one is rather slow(notebook ) at it.so why do I use my tower again? ................... ........... right.thought so. you wonder why i dont use windows anymore.i could probably fully use the API calls for UT3under wine even; if I can get it installed temprarily.(just a workaround for installer v.30 that requires xp to install some apps) BTW there is a way to bypass the activation successfully on XP.cant say more on that.googole long enough, you'll find it.
  8. 10.5.4 is released !

    YEAH,but.....upgrade from 10.5.3 and kept getting the reboot hang on my GNCL board. booting to speedstep and running the 10.5.3 update to modbin seemed to fix the issue.apparently the kernel gets updated in this release.since I cant run vanilla on my 3.4 d/c intel 945, this seems to work.no need to backup if your booting in loops type: speedstep -v vanilla -v ETC.... ---or whatever your default kernel was---- I used speedstep. run the kernel 10.5.3 update once more. FIXED