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Problem with booting


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I have problem with booting up OS X.I installed it using this guide.I have this OS X disc:



And this:

* TPM (Trusted Platform) Crack

* Maxxuss v0.4.1 mach_kernel SSE3 emulation

* Modified boot files so installation can happen on most Generic x86 PCs


I burned .iso file on DVD and installed OS X like the guide says ( I installed it on partition five on my primary master disc ( there are windows on other partition too )).But here is the problem: I needed to push reset button because OS X didn't restart my computer.But when it gets to: booting it hangs.So I see this:

Boot from CD

Boot from CD

<here it hangs>


Normaly it would boot windows but because OS X partition was active this didn't happened.So I tryed acronis OS selector but it can't find OS X. Partition magic show that there is no partirion.Only unallocated space.Here is image from partition magic:




So what is wrong???

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I forgoted to tell my configuration:


-P4 2. GHz SSE2

-ECS Elitegroup L4VXA2

-ATI radeon 9200 SE

-Hitachi 120 GB hard disk Pri. master

-Excelstor J80 hard disk secon.slave

-NEC ND 3520 A DVD recorder pri.slave

-Aopen CD recorder secon.master

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